Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marketing becomes more personal via social media

Personalization of Internet Marketing

Social media sites look into what you are posting and reading and produce personalized ads based on that information

By having ads that are based on things you have been looing up, a person is more likely to buy something because you know they are already interested in the product. I love online shopping, so all my ads on all the sites I frequent are about shopping sites, boots, clothes, and other things related to online shopping. Being able to limit what you want to receive on mass emails is another way this is changing. A person can say they only want emails once a week and only about women’s tops. By having it that specific, mass emails are looked at much differently now. Another way internet based social media has changed marketing is being able to opt out of ads or select which ad you would like to watch when it comes to streaming online. An example would be Hulu, who likes to make their ads based on what is relevant to you. If you click that you are a mother of young children, ads will come up that are specifically relevant to you.

Does this personalization really help? 

Yes, it has shown an increase in online buyers because of the convenience and having it put right infront of their faces via internet based social media. By being able to chose what kind of ads you would rather watch or what specifically you want in a mass email, buyers are more open to the idea of commercials online and marketing. 

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